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Jul. 28th, 2008

Who: Jason and Nate
What: Wandering around and discovery!

It didn't take very long for Jason to feel right at home. He found food easily enough and he didn't really want for anything other than maybe a phonecall from the rest of Connect 3 and a birdhouse. He could hang that outside his window. That would be fun!

Still, where could one find a birdhouse in a place like this? Jason didn't really have any idea. He doubted that there would be a woodshop filled with guys making things just for the heck of it so, he decided to start outside.

Might as well try to find some trees first, right? Birdhouses usually went in trees.

Jul. 16th, 2008

Who: Jason and Yente
What: Jason's arrival
Where: Lobby

Six string slung over a shoulder, Jason smiled as he wandered towards the front door. There should have been a car waiting for him and his brother already in it. Jason could almost imagine his baby brother sitting there, seatbelt clicked, foot tapping against the carpet. He was gonna hear it for taking extra time with his hair.

Nate just didn't understand the pressure to look as good as Jason always did.

Jason pulled out his phone, his intent to check all new messeges before actually replying. His hand reached for the door and he stepped out, though, when he looked up ( to make sure he didn't fall down the steps ), he found himself in a very different place from his porch.

It took a moment for it all to sink in but when it did, he smiled, looking around, calling out to no one in particular. Maybe his driver, maybe his brother...maybe just himself. "Was I sleep walking again?"

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